With the recent events erupting in the Middle East, beginning with the overthrow of the 30-year rule of President Muburak in Egypt, it reinforces that fact that with the implementation of any new ideas- change is the inevitable result.  In order to do that, we must take a neutral view beyond politics and protests and look at the process itself.



 After watching a TV documentary on the life story of sailor and author Herman Melville it struck me that timing is a huge factor in the success of creativity.  There have been many other historical examples but this one in particular was so profound and tragic that I could not shake it from my mind. 

Herman Melville is the renowned author of Moby Dick but at the time his book was published it was panned by critics and ignored by the general public.

The Cultural Impact on Creativity

Everyone is creative and this is evident by the fact that the first step in the act of creativity is curiosity.  People by nature are curious creatures.  Even construction sites acknowledge that fact by building peep holes into their fences so that passer-bys can look in a satisfy their curiosity to see what is being built. 

Vancouver Olympics 2010 and Creative Performance

The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver was one of the most exciting, emotional and entertaining events in the history of Canada and has held the attention of the entire world riveted through every form of multi-media available.

As hosts, the Canadian Olympics Committee (COC) dared to make a very bold move by stating to Canadians and the world “We will own the Podium”.