Introducing Creative Performance©

Creativity is at the front of the priority line for organizations and individuals who want to excel in today’s tough economic times. At the same time there is also a huge demand for quick results. Traditional approaches to creativity require a patience that no longer exists.

Take a look at this newer, faster way to unleash your creative potential;
Creative Performance has been used very successfully with individuals and organizations to vastly improve their innovation and productivity.  It is now published in an format called infoflip  which provides a unique three dimensional approach to illustrating and understanding the creative process.

The Creative Performance applications that have been developed and used over the last 10 years have included Team and Leadership Coaching, Change as an Opportunity as well as Organization and Cultural Transformation.

Our workshops are designed to be active, experiential and demanding in style, while still having fun.  With a focus on understanding the creative process, we set a foundation for our clients to be effective when improving their innovation as well as maximizing their bottom line productivity.

The infoflips have been formatted and published by Flip Productions Ltd .