I have worked with David over a number of years as he has developed and refined the Creative Performance Model. David has time and again contributed to improving our team performance by coaching our operating teams in the application of the model and enabling them to utilize it on an ongoing basis.  The model provides a context to help employees understand individual work and communication styles and it also enables effective problem solving and decision making.  The business result is enhanced individual and team performance. 


Debbie Wershler
V.P. Workforce Management
BOWEN Workforce Solutions


MGI has been bringing 'Creative Performance', into our training programs for over a year now.  The feedback from clients along with our facilitation team has been overwhelming positive.  ‘Creative Performance’, has proved to be an outstanding tool for us to work with on three fronts.  Gain a clear understanding of a person’s approach and style in the creative process along with the style of those he interfaces with.  To gain insights or gaps in the creative culture of our team, department or work group.  Lastly, to reflect on the creative culture of our organization and the tendencies it presents in the creative process.  Discussions that come from the model are deep, rich and meaningful providing clear insights on our cultural style along with potential gaps that need to be overcome to bring back creativity.

Rick Matishak



Creative Performance was officially introduced into the British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range in 1999 by David Smith of Creative Links International. The initial offering was prompted by the need to build an effective and cooperative working group capable of dealing with a large dynamic industry during a time of significant change.  The ease of acceptance and understanding of the tool was quite remarkable.

Those humble beginnings lead to the Creative Performance model becoming one of the key models taught and applied today. It has given us a common language throughout the Ministry.David Smith has used the Creative Performance model to work with all levels of staff from Field staff in District Offices to Executives in Victoria with equal success.

It became a common framework throughout our Ministry and is now being requested by other resource agencies as they have seen the benefit s in action.  I continue to support the Creative Performance model in my team sessions and encourage others to do the same.  It is extremely useful and rewarding tool.


Mark Tassell
Resource Management Coordination Project Coordinator
Integrated Land Management Bureau



I have used Creative Performance for over 10 years and have found it to be one of the most effective tools to help with team building, leadership development and coaching in my 20+ year career in the public sector.  The Creative Performance model is relatively quick and simple to use and most everybody can quickly understand it and easily relate it to their everyday work and personal life.  When delivering continuous improvement  and learning organization learning sessions in my work the Creative Performance session is always rated and regarded highly by participants.  I am very glad to see that David Smith continues to further develop and refine this already powerful tool.  As a result, Creative Performance is a tool that I will continue to use on a regular basis.


Christopher Miller
Manager, Strategic Initiatives
BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands